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Spanish Lessons May 2019

Spanish 1 Students: Recording About Me

 Spanish 2

  1. Go to Indirect and Direct Object Pronouns to complete the worksheet
  2. Go to the Irregular Preterite Verb Worksheet to complete on your own paper.
  3. Go to Oral Interview Cards to write out your answers for our practice interview grade
  4. Go to Culture Ideas to find culture topics to research and write a cultural activity (coloring sheet or craft ideas) to share with the class
  5. Go to Regular Preterite Verb Worksheet to complete the activity on your own paper
  6. Go to Preterite Verb Chart to see verbs charts to continue working in your workbook
  7. Go to Daily Routine to see vocabulary prompts then go to Paragraph Writing to continue working on your paragraphs.
  8. Go to Near Future and Preterite to see the easy to follow charts with lists of phrases to say what you did yesterday and what you are going to do this evening in Spanish
  9. Senior Exam: Choose five topics from Paragraph Writing then write five sentences in Spanish for each paragraph to turn in for a grade. You may not use an online translator nor dictionary though you may ask me questions

Spanish 1

    1. Go to  Spanish Mother’s Day to see Mother’s Day cards in Spanish then make your own card in Spanish to give to your mother
    2. Go to Oral Interview Cards to prepare for your student oral interview grade
    3. Be ready to say three things you did yesterday in Spanish. See the following links Preterite Chart Quizlet Verb Tense Chart
    4. Go to Near Future and Preterite to complete the activity on your own paper
    5. Go to Daily Routine to review your student oral interview. Use this Template as a guide for the questions that will be asked in your recordings. Quizlet Practice
    6. Go to Writing Practice to complete the school vocabulary and writing assignment on your own paper. Be ready to say aloud for the class without your paper



  • Go to Leaf Project and Pueblo to see what you can find then take notes on the points below.
  • Where did Cinco de Mayo originate?
  • What town and country?
  • Was it a battle or a war and with what country?
  • Where is the world’s largest Cinco de Mayo celebration?
  • Chihuahuas, avocados and the French? ¿Qué pasa?
  • MATH! If there are 81,000,000 pounds of avocados consumed during Cinco de Mayo. How many avocados would that be if the average avocado weight is 6 oz?
  • Mexico Radio Live to listen to Mariachi music.
  • Go to the recording below to hear different views of Cinco de Mayo.


*Go to the videos below to see some easy Mexican recipes. You may also do a web search to find other authentic Mexican meals and how to prepare. Be sure to share with the class!

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