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December Spanish

Spanish Lessons December 2018

Spanish 1 and 2

December 13 Pre Quiz here

December 17 Quiz here

December 18 Activity Christmas Matching

December 19 Quiz (code is 6YG2S6) here

December 20 Practice for quiz here

  1. Go to Christmas Wish List and Amazon Spain to make a wish list in Spanish then be ready to say aloud for the class.
  2. Go to Spanish Christmas Songs to find the lyrics for the Christmas songs in Spanish to sing with the class.
  3. Go to Navidad Radio Latina to listen to some Spanish Christmas songs live then write down the words in Spanish you hear and understand. Also go to NPR to listen to Christmas music from Puerto Rico and Slacker to listen to Christmas music from Mexico
  4. Go to Tarjeta de Navidad to see a list of words and phrases to make a Christmas card in Spanish.
  5. Go to Spanish Christmas Stories yo choose a story to read a passage aloud for a grade. Watch your vowels.
  6. Christmas Cookies: Do a search for Christmas cookies in Spanish then write a list of ingredients in Spanish. Click on Bilingual Ingredients to see a list of ingredients in Spanish
  7. Go to Spanish Christmas Terms to see cultural notes then write in your journal about a Spanish Christmas. Supplemental: For a Nativity skit in Spanish go to Prima Navidad and Ideas for Spanish Christmas Skits
  8. Marzipán: Go to Origins of Marzipán to write a summary of the sweet Marzipán. What city in Spain does Marzipán come from? What about Toledo and Leonardo da Vinci? Why did the nuns make Marzipán during the Arab rule? What are the main ingredients?  Go to Receta to find an easy traditional marzipan recipe.                                                                                                                                      
  9. Turrón: Go to Romantic Turrón Story and Turrón Traditional Sweet to learn about the dessert from Spain then write notes and anything interesting you can find to your culture book. See Receta 1 and Receta 2 to watch the videos on how to prepare Turrón. Answer questions like when did the idea of Turrón come to Spain? What are the main ingredients of Turrón? Who were the Moors and why were they in Spain? For how long? What is the story of the snow and planting almond trees?  
  10. Polvorones: What are polvorones? What does polvo mean? Do a search to find a recipe of polvorones to share with the class. Go to the links to see how to make polvorones: Receta Polvorones Spanish Receta Polvorones
  11. Tronco de Navidad: What is it? Go to Receta to see how to make a tronco de navidad then write the ingredients and directions in English.
  12. Dec 6 – Saint Nicholas day. Go to the links below to learn more about this holiday celebrated in many parts of the world Saint Nicholas    Saint Nicholas of Myra   Saint Nicholas and your Shoes
  13. Santa Claus: How many names? Go to Santa Names to see the different names for Santa Claus in the Spanish speaking world.

14. Poinsettia: Go to What is in a Name to learn about the Poinsettia in Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, Peru, Spain and Mexico.


p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>15. Dec 16 – 24 Las posadas. Go to Video and here to learn about las posadas then add notes and images to your culture book.



 Bilingual Mexican Posadas Song    Chart Mexican Posada Song   More on Posadas Celebration and Crafts  Las Posadas Tradición de Navidad    Mama Lisa Las Posadas   Pedir Posadas

What is under the Christmas tree in Mexico? What is placed under the tree at midnight? What do some house holds fix for dinner on :Christmas Eve? What do the families do each year on this night in Mexico? See Christmas Eve in Mexico for more information.

Las Posadas from St. Louis Review on Vimeo.

16. Dec 21 – Las hogueras. Go to Las Hogueras Fire Jumping to answer the following questions on your own paper. What does it mean ‘las hogueras’? When does it take place? What do the people do during this time and why?



p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>17. Dec 22 – El gordo. Go to Video to learn about El gordo. Who sings the winning numbers?

Cultural Notes about the Lottery Christmas Lottery in Spain and El Gordo

Where is El Gordo played? How many people can play? What town did all but one residents win? How many hours does the game take place? What do the people do during the drawings?

18. Dec 24 Nochebuena. Misa del Gallo? What about the rooster?

19. Dec 25 Día de navidad. Papá Noel and the Reyes Magos. Who brings gifts and when? January 6? What do the people of Spain eat? Truffles in the turkey?



p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>20. Dec 25 – Jan 5 Twelve days of Christmas. Go to 12 Days of Christmas to see traditions of countries around the world then write a summary of what you find. When does it begin and when does it end? What celebration starts the following day? What takes place on the 12th night and what is the cake eaten? How do people celebrate? What activities take place? How does this relate to Saint Nicholas Day and December 6?

Go to Biscochos to watch the video on how to prepare then write down the directions and ingredients in English

21. Dec 28 Día de los inocentes. April fools day? Go to Día de los Inocentes to answer these questions on your own paper. What is Día de los Inocentes? When is it? Why does Spain celebrate Día de los Inocentes? What do the children do on this day?

22. Dec 31 Nochevieja. What do you eat at midnight on the 12 strikes of the clock?


p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>23. Jan 6 – Go to the Video to learn about the three kings cake then do a search to see what you can find about Día de los reyes. Gifts for Christmas? January 6? What is in the bread and what is inside? What is la cabalgata? Go to Receta to see how to make a three king cake (roscón de reyes)



Quizlet Christmas Terms

Spanish Lessons Week of December 3, 2018

Spanish 1

1. Reading and Writing: Christmas lyrics and poem

2. Speaking: Go to Past Tense Practice to see a list of activities in the preterite then write three sentences in Spanish saying what you did over the weekend.

3. Grammar: Click on Present Regular Verbs to review the AR, ER and IR present tense Spanish worksheet. Be ready to turn in for a grade.

4. Vocabulary: Christmas

5. Culture: Go to Spanish Christmas Songs to hear some Spanish Villancicos and sing with the class

Spanish 2

1. Reading and Writing:  Spanish Tongue Twisters

2. Speaking: Go to Past Tense Practice to see a list of activities in the preterite then write three sentences in Spanish saying what you did over the weekend. Each sentence must have more than just the verb. Example: vi películas sobre la televisión.

3. Grammar: Go to Preterite Regular Verbs to review the AR and ER/IR preterite tense Spanish worksheet.

4. Vocabulary: Go to Around the House to see a list of house related terms then be ready to read aloud

5. Culture: Go to Spanish Christmas Songs to hear some Spanish Villancicos and sing with the class


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