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About Me

I am a world language teacher with 25 years of experience in English, ESL, French, Spanish, and Education. I decided to become a teacher many years ago when working as a graduate teaching assistant at West Virginia University. My M.A. is in Education Resources/ESL and my professional teaching certification is Pre K to Adult, French and Spanish. Working with students is a rewarding experience for me. Helping students process new material to create original work is very gratifying. I strive for flexibility, and individualized learning and teaching styles. Impacting student participation as a critical thinker is my goal. Like other teachers I strive to make learning fun.


I believe that each student is unique in their own talent, background and knowledge and that the teacher’s job is to help direct the student to develop their personalized learning experiences in an atmosphere that is stimulating and safe for the student. It is my desire to help create and foster a personal learning space for each student to help them feel secure in their journey as a life-long learner.

Course Description

In Spanish II students will continue to further their study and knowledge of the Spanish language, expanding vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, pronunciation, orthography, culture and other components of linguistic. Emphasis will be placed on: reading, writing, listening, speaking, and culture. Students will apply the vocabulary and sentence structure in communicative situations with the objective to learn how to better converse with Spanish speakers and better understand the Spanish-speaking world.


  • Engage in oral/aural practice being able to respond to question cues.
  • Review and expand their study of a variety vocabulary
  • Be able to construct and understand sentence structure and grammatical patterns
  • Participate in a variety of topics in conversations through prompting
  • Be able to read aloud all passages in Spanish and pronounce the words correctly
  • Analyze and compare cultural practices of Spanish-speaking countries

Course Goals

  • Communication: 
Students listen and distinguish sounds, interpreting meaning in authentic text and exchanging ideas and opinions in the target language on a variety of familiar topics.
  • Cultures: Students compare and demonstrate an understanding of another culture through readings, presentations, and other media including food, traditions, music, famous people, the arts, history and literature.
  • Connections: Students make connections with other disciplines reinforcing and expanding their knowledge through the target Included are math and science (conversations), history and government, literature and the arts.
  • Comparisons: 
Students make linguistic comparisons with syntax, semantics and phonology to enhance their understanding of the structure of the language. Students make cultural analysis by comparing their own culture with other Spanish speaking countries around the world.
  • Communities: Students use the language both within and beyond the school setting becoming lifelong learners by using the language to interpret events of the modern world from multiple perspectives , increasing career options.
  • Language: Students think creatively and reason effectively, (multidimensional) for problem solving and making decisions.
  • Collaboration: Language students communicate clearly and collaborate with others to assess and evaluate new information learned.
  • Literacy Skills: Students will learn and put into practice reading and writing strategies applicable to many literacy activities in English.


Alpha Mu Gamma Honor Society; Nominated Teacher of the Year, 2012; Author/creator of Alphabet Soup Foreign Language Game Book. Author/creator for Teachers Discovery (2001-3) Alburn Hills, MI.


M.A. Education Resources/ESL
B.A. French/Spanish
Studies abroad: France, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica

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