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FLES Spanish Activities

¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to MES Spanish!

My name is Sra Frey and I am excited to be working with you this year. Learning Spanish can be very fun, and my goal is to make this a memorable and enjoyable experience. In the class students learn how to say things in Spanish like greetings, numbers, alphabet, days of the week, months, weather, food, family, hobbies, describing people, house, around town and other topics.


Elementary Spanish is an introduction to the basic principles like letters, numbers, phonics, writing and basic conversation skills as well as cultural aspects; i.e., holidays, traditions and daily living. Our first goal is to help students learn to communicate using the Spanish language by connecting language with cultures to create a more well-rounded view of the world that is tolerant and knowledgeable of the Spanish speaking world. But most importantly, it’s our goal to have fun! Learning through dance, song and game is an excellent way to learn a language. Sharing in the fun and learning can help motivate students to become life-long learners.



I only ask that students always give me their best effort and have a positive attitude in class. No one will be left out in my class. All students will be able to learn from a variety of activities and at their own pace. Students will always be uplifted and celebrated for their participation and their enthusiasm. Learning a language is very rewarding and I intend to make this a memorable time. I just ask for my students to actively participate in the class, pay attention, express themselves in Spanish and have fun.


If you have access to a phone or computer and internet you may want to frequent this site to practice your Spanish. If you have a resource to suggest please post a comment at the bottom of this blog.  I would love to hear what you have to share!

Children’s Songs

Basho Tiempo

Siete Días



Children’s toys vocab

Pinkfong numbers and animals

Español para bebés


Hola Cómo Estás

Days and Months




Qué llueva la osa

Mono familia bananas

Veo algo azul

Mi Oso de Peluche

Pinkfong esqueletos body parts

Pinkfong ritmo body

Pinkfong robot body

Pinkfong numbers by 10

Hola todos


Magic Words

Baile de las emociones


Sonrisas Teacher Circle Time

Las Manos Teacher Circle Time

Goodbye Songs

Movement and Hand Games


Chocolate Hand Game

Mariquita Hand Game

Fast Counting Hand Game

En la Calle Hand Game

Geography and Facts

Map of Central America

Map of South America

Map of Spain

Map of Equatorial Guinea

Map of the World

FLES Spanish Activities
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