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Spanish Lessons March 2019

Spanish 2

  1. Go to Group Project to begin the activity. Each student will complete the form and use for notes though only ONE student will turn in at the end of their project. Wait for further instructions on where and how to complete. Copy Template
  2. Go to Scramble Worksheet to see the worksheet with scrambled words in sentences then put the words in correct order on your paper and answer.
  3. Go to San Patricio to see Saint Patrick’s Day vocabulary and activities. Use these words and phrases to complete your handouts in Spanish.
  4. Go to Daily Routine to see vocabulary prompts then go to Paragraph Writing to continue working on your paragraphs.
  5. Go to Verbs in a Sentence to continue working on your sentence translations
  6. Go to Nature and Environment to read the sentences aloud with the class then translate into English on your own paper.
  7. Go to Scramble Environment to complete the activity on your own paper.
  8. Go to play the interactive game. Use your class code to enter
  9. Go to Environment and Nature to see a list of nature related vocabulary in Spanish
  10. Giving Directions
  11. Modal Verb Quiz

Spanish 1

  1. Be ready to say three things you did yesterday in Spanish. See the following links Preterite Chart Quizlet Verb Tense Chart
  2. Go to Daily Routine to review your student oral interview. Use this Template as a guide for the questions that will be asked in your recordings.
  3. Go to Writing Practice to complete the school vocabulary and writing assignment on your own paper. Be ready to say aloud for the class without your paper
  4. Go to play the interactive game. Use your class code to enter: See Alternative Games List Below for Smart TV
  5. Go to Avancemos Unidad 2 Lección 1 to practice vocabulary for this unit
  6. Go to Quzlet School Related Vocabulary to listen to the audio school words and phrases in Spanish
  7. Go to Time and Math Problems to complete the activities on your paper.
  8. Practice Test Unit 2 Lección 1

Culture: Argentina

  • Where did Argentina get it’s name?
  • What is the periodic symbol for Silver?
  • Largest dinosaur remains in the world?
  • How many presidents in how many days?
  • What and who is associated with the dirty war and how many people disappeared?
  • When you think of the people of Argentina what origin (nationalities) do you think of? 9 de julio en Buenos Aires?
  • What are the Pampas, Iguazú, Cowboys and Paris of the South?
  • Southern Hemisphere and seasons?

*Go to Atlas and Boots , Nat Geo Kids, Nation Facts and Kids Fun Facts to learn more about Argentina then to make a decorative culture book with your facts to turn in for a grade. You may also do a web search to see what else you can find. To find more about the Dirty War go to BBC News.


Culture: Cuba and Miami

Go to the text book to read the culture notes then be ready to discuss the following

  • What is the Cuban population of Miami?
  • Why is Miami called the Little Havana?
  • Who was Fidel Castro and what do you know
  • What do you know about the Cuban Exile. Go to Cuban Exile to learn more.
  • What music is traditional of Cuba? Go to Street Salsa to listen to some audio clips
  • What are some traditional Cuban dishes? Do a web search to find some traditional Cuban recipes to share with the class
  • Go to Trip Advisor to see images of Little Havana


Spanish Lessons March 2019

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