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Spanish Week of Oct 15, 2018

Spanish 1

1. Reading and Writing: Dialog practice in groups text pp 59, 64 and 69

2. Speaking: CD from Text and website 1, 2 3 Spanish


Ser Dialog

3. Grammar: continue practicing ser and estar

4. Vocabulary: Continue working on Basic Vocabulary for daily practice with the class.

5. Culture: N/A

Spanish 2

1. Reading and Writing: Write a with a partner ordering food at a restaurant. See the Restaurant Activity Packet link below for a list of restaurant words and phrases.

2. Speaking: Go to Hablamos Audio to listen to the podcast then write the words you understand. The be ready to say your Spanish restaurant dialog with the class.

3. Grammar: Click on Present Regular Verbs to complete the sentences aloud with the class.

4. Vocabulary: Go to TPT Restaurant Activity Packet to see restaurant and food related vocabulary then complete the activities on your own paper. Be ready to say aloud for the class.

5. Culture: N/A




Spanish Week of Oct 15, 2018

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