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Spanish Week of October 8, 2018

Spanish 1

1. Reading and Writing: Review text book preliminary then continue workbook grammar activities unit 1

2. Speaking: CD from Text and website 1, 2 3 Spanish 


Ser Dialog 

3. Grammar: continue practicing ser and estar

4. Vocabulary: Continue working on Basic Vocabulary for daily practice with the class.

5. Culture: See below

Spanish 2

1. Reading and Writing: Write a paragraph telling what you did this weekend using the preterite

2. Speaking: Go to 1 2 3 Leisure Spanish Dialog to listen to the recordings then write down what you understand.

3. Grammar: Click on Present Regular Verbs to complete the sentences aloud with the class.

4. Vocabulary: Go to Leisure Activity Packet to see leisure vocabulary phrases then complete the activity on your own paper. Be ready to say aloud for the class.

5. Culture Vocabulary:

Culture: Who was Christopher Columbus

In 1892 this day became a legal holiday called Discovery Day? When was this day changed to Columbus Day? Why and how did Columbus day become a holiday? Who established this day as a legal holiday? What city in California changed  Columbus Day to Indigenous Day? Where did the names of the ships come from? Go to NPR to listen to the podcast then write a summary of the recording. 

Go to the link below to watch the short video clip about Columbus then write in English a things you learned and things that you found interesting or surprised you. Be ready to turn in for a grade.

History Channel      Who Celebrates Columbus Day 

You may listen to an episode of NPR on the Real Columbus. See below

Spanish Week of October 8, 2018

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