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Spanish Week of October 1, 2018

Sub Plans: Friday October 5

Do one of the following then turn in at the end of the class for a grade

  1. Continue working on puzzles and handouts
  2. Read and write an essay in English on Legend of the Worry Dolls

Spanish 1

1. Reading and Writing: Text Book pp 32 – 3 then complete workbook vocabulary 1

2. Speaking: Daily student interview practice

3. Grammar: ser and estar

4. Vocabulary: Continue working on Basic Vocabulary for daily practice with the class.

5. Culture: See below

Spanish 2

1. Reading and Writing: Write a paragraph telling about your family in Spanish. Make at least 5 sentences.

2. Speaking: Continue student interview.

3. Grammar: continue with the preterite and near future

4. Vocabulary: Go to the document below to see a list of clothing with charts then answer the questions in Spanish on your paper according to the cues given in the documents.

Oct 3 Class Clothing Questions

5. Culture Vocabulary:

Music of the Mayans Soundcloud    Interesting Facts about the Mayans

Map of Central America     About Guatemala and Mayans    Legend of the Worry Dolls

Culture: The Mayans

Who were the Mayans? In what country is Tikal and what is it? When did the Mayans predict the fifth and last life cycle (end of time)? What violent game did they play? What did they do to their teeth? Where did the word ‘shark’ come from? What concept did they invent? What does their folklore say humans came from? Who are the children of the corn? What did they do with their children’s faces and eyes? How many Mayan dialects are believed to be spoke in Guatemala today? What are Guatemalan worry dolls?


Spanish Week of October 1, 2018

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