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Week of August 20 Spanish Lessons

Review Week 1

Go to Introduction  to see the days of the week, months and numbers in Spanish. You may also listen to the recordings below for more practice. 




Days of the Week

Numbers 1 to 20


Speaking: Go to Dialog Practice to ask and answer questions with a partner. 

Reading Skills: Go to  Study Spanish Sounds to listen and repeat the words with the vowel sound A in Spanish.

Culture: Go to Spanish Weekly to learn about the running of the bulls in Spain then write on your paper three things you learned, two things you found interesting and one question you have. You may also do a web search to find more interesting facts about the festival. 

When did the tradition begin? What colors do they wear and why? What do the colors signify?

Culture: San Fermín and Running of the bulls

Video: Go to Georgia Salsarific to watch video clips of the Georgia Spanish children’s program


Reading skills: Go to Rocket Spanish to listen and repeat the words with the vowel sound A in Spanish. When you have finished you may go to Picture Dictionary to continue working on your Spanish picture dictionary  

Grammar: definite and indefinite articles and subject pronouns

See important documents below

Spanish 1 Syllabus 2018    Spanish 2 Syllabus 2018    Pacing Guide 2018    Class Rules

Week of August 20 Spanish Lessons

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