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miércoles 16/5/2018 Spanish Lessons

miércoles 16/5/2018


Spanish 1 and 2

1. Reading skills: various from workbook

2. Grammar: review stem changing verbs

3. Vocabulary: directions; i.e., a la izquierda, a la derecha, todo recto, cruze, baje, continue, pare, de vuelta, gire, en frente de, detrás de, debajo de, arriba de, cerca de, lejos de, entre de…

4. Culture: To listen to Radio Paraguay go to Radui Asunción

Paraguay: Go to The Fact File, Go Wierd Facts and CNN Travel to find out about Paraguay then make a cultural drawing with captions using the information you find. i.e., Is called the what of South America? What about it’s native tongue? How many soccer stadiums? Pistol dueling? 

Uruguay: Go to The Fact File, Global Blue and Atlas Obscura to learn about Uruguay then make a cultural drawing with captions using what you find. i.e., Cows out number people by how much? The highest point is how many feet above sea level? The national anthem is how long? What do they call Christmas and Holy Week?

5. Go to Georgia Salsarific to watch video clips of the Georgia Spanish children’s program. 
miércoles 16/5/2018 Spanish Lessons

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