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martes 15/5/2018 Spanish Lessons

martes 15/5/2018


Spanish 1 and 2

1. Reading skills: various from workbook

2. Grammar: review stem changing verbs

3. Vocabulary: directions; i.e., a la izquierda, a la derecha, todo recto, cruze, baje, continue, pare, de vuelta, gire, en frente de, detrás de, debajo de, arriba de, cerca de, lejos de, entre de…

4. Question: Who are the Rapa Nui and where did the Moai come from (Easter Island)? Reported UFO sightings and home to geoglyphs (seen only from air)? Driest dessert in the world (Atacama)? 2000 mile beaches and world class skiing (the Andean mountain range) Active volcanos? Playoff for world cup soccer game with only one team televised? Russia? Pinochet -vs- Allende and Estadio National de Santiago? The famous poet Pablo Neruda, notable street art and cowboys? The worlds largest swimming pool and tallest building? Texan flag? Go to Fact RetrieverCascada TravelThe Culture Trip, and Travel Outlandish to make a culture book with your facts to turn in for a grade. You may also do a web search to see what else you can find. 
Also go to NY Times to read about Chile’s national stadium’s dark past and Andrés Escobar (Colombia)
5. Go to Georgia Salsarific to watch video clips of the Georgia Spanish children’s program. 
martes 15/5/2018 Spanish Lessons

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