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lunes 14/5/2018 Spanish Lessons

lunes 14/5/2018


Spanish 1 and 2

1. Reading skills: various from workbook

2. Grammar: review stem changing verbs

3. Vocabulary:  el almacén, el correo, la biblioteca, la carnicería, la comisaría, la estación de bomberos, la estación de ferrocarril, la gasolinera, la iglesia, la joyería, la juguetería, la lavandería, la librería, la mueblería, la panadería, la papelería, la pastelería, la peluquería,  la pescadería, la piscina, la tienda, la tintorería

4. Question: Where did Argentina get it’s name? What is the periodic symbol for Silver? Largest dinosaur remains in the world? How many presidents in how many days? What and who is associated with the dirty war and how many people disappeared? When you think of the people of Argentina what origin (nationalities) do you think of? 9 de julio en Buenos Aires? What are the Pampas, Iguazú,  Cowboys and Paris of the South? Southern Hemisphere and seasons? Go to Atlas and Boots , Nat Geo Kids, Nation Facts and Kids Fun Facts to learn more about Argentina then to make a decorative culture book with your facts to turn in for a grade. You may also do a web search to see what else you can find. To find more about the Dirty War go to BBC News.
5. Go to Georgia Salsarific to watch video clips of the Georgia Spanish children’s program. 
lunes 14/5/2018 Spanish Lessons

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