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miércoles 9/5/2018 Spanish lessons

miércoles 9/5/2018


Spanish 1 and 2

1. Reading skills: Various from workbook

2. Grammar: direct and indirect object pronouns

3. Go to Playground Spanish and Study Spanish to see a list of Spanish Mother’s Day words and phrases then make a bilingual Mother’s Day card. 
4. Go to Trip Savvy to learn about Mother’s Day in South America.
5. Go to NPR Latin American Songs for Mother’s Day to listen to the NPR radio clips and interview in Spanish.  
6. Go to Pequeradio to listen to children’s radio clips from radio españa. 
7. Go to RTVE to listen to children’s stories in Spanish. 
8. Go to Georgia Salsarific to watch video clips of the Georgia Spanish children’s program. 
miércoles 9/5/2018 Spanish lessons

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