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jueves 26/4/2018 Spanish Lessons

jueves 26/4/2018


Spanish 1 and 2

1. EASY Culture Notes and Make it Fun for You! Be creative with drawings and captions. Turn in a paper with some notes on Calle Ocho, Miami and Cuba. You may draw images and add captions. Include anything you find interesting or unusual like food, music and lifestyles. Below are some things you may want to search in order to write/draw your culture notes to turn in. 

What is the Cuban population of Miami?

Where is Little Havana and why are there so many Cubans in Miami?

What was Cuba like before Fidel Castro? Go to Cuban Exile to learn more.

What? American’s can’t go to Cuba? But what about Jay-Z and Beyoncé? Go to American Time Travel to see a list of events. 

What is the traditional music of Cuba? Do a web search to find some Salsa (not the food:)

What are some traditional Cuban dishes? Go to Cuban Food to find a recipe you would like to try.

Go to Radio Cuba to listen to some traditional Salsa then write down the instruments you hear. 

Go to Avancemos Online to read passages and listen to a variety of music. 

Go to Trip Advisor to see images.


2. Quizlet practice matching the Spanish speaking countries with their capitols

jueves 26/4/2018 Spanish Lessons

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