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miércoles 25/4/2018 Spanish Lessons

miércoles 25/4/2018


Spanish 2

1. Workbook: Preterite AR 27 28, 29

2. Text: Culture Costa Rica, Árenal and other active volcanos, Tabacon hot springs, rafting and horseback riding in Costa Rica. Do a web search then write what you can find about the following:

What is pura vida? Who are the ticos?

What are some famous dishes? What is ceviche?

What is the American population in Costa Rica?

What is the traditional music of Costa Rica? Merengue anyone? Again, not a food. 

Go to Avancemos Online to read passages and listen to a variety of music. 

Spanish 1

1. Reading: Text pp 148 in pairs

2. Audio script: CD 3 Track 5

3. Workbook: pp 4 – 6 Review Ser

4. Vocab: tener ganas de, tener hambre, tener sed, tener frío, tener calor

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