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miércoles 28/3/2018 Spanish Lessons

miércoles 28/3/2018

Spanish 2


1. Click on Spanish Actions to see a list of movements and gestures in Spanish and English then follow the activities below

a. make a 5 X 5 bingo grid with words in English and the middle space gratis

b. after practicing the vocabulary above split into two teams and prepare for a game of Charades in Spanish!

2. Go to La Semana Santa to learn about Easter in Spain then take notes and be ready to tell the class what you learned. Also check out Spanish Attractions and Expatica see some famous recipes then write in English about five dishes you find. 

3. Go to Bright Hub Education to see a list of Spanish Easter vocabulary then make a 5 X 5 bingo grid in English using the words and terms you find.

4. Go to History of Easter to learn more about the holiday then compare Easter in the US with Easter from a Spanish speaking country.

6. Go to Cascarón to learn about Cascarones then be ready to tell the class about breaking them over your head.

7. Go to Kids World to see images of real life alfombras then be ready to tell the class about the rugs in the streets of Guatemala.

8. Go to Class Zone to read cultural tidbits about the Semana Santa in Spanish speaking countries.

9. Go to Easter Blog to see some authentic photos of Spain during Easter.

10. Do a search to see if you can find ‘weird traditions in Spain during Easter’. Interesting to see what you can find!

miércoles 28/3/2018 Spanish Lessons

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