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martes 20/3/2018 Spanish Lessons

martes 20/3/2018  


Spanish 2

1. Go to Imperfect Writing Exercise to see the chart of the Imperfect (past tense) in Spanish then complete the grammar assignment. Do the following

a. write the complete sentence in Spanish

b. conjugate the verb in the imperfect tense and underline

c. write what the sentence means in English

2. Go to to play the group vocabulary activity. If you are not able to play the game go to Common Spanish Verbs to practice the matching game. 

3. Vocabulary Practice: Go to Doctor Visit to see a list of body and ailment related vocabulary in Spanish then make a bingo grid using the English words body parts. Make the bingo grid 5 X 5 and make the middle space ‘gratis’.  

Spanish 1
1. Go to Common Spanish Verbs to practice the matching game then be ready for a quiz el viernes. 

2. Go to Spanish Present Tense to practice present tense verb conjugations. 

3. Go to then enter the code to practice Spanish speaking countries and their capitals.


Go to Quizalize to play ACT and SAT prep games. Use class code jwj9655

subjects you are studying



Go to the Conversation Chart to see a list of guided questions and responses in Spanish

martes 20/3/2018 Spanish Lessons

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