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lunes 19/2/2018 Spanish Lessons

lunes 19/2/2018  


Spanish 2

1. Go to Spanish Tools and Supplies to practice vocabulary then be ready to name to items you find in a house

2. Go to House Vocabulary Chart to see a list of items in a house then practice with a partner saying things like:

Qué hay en la cocina – what is in the kitchen

Qué hay en el congelador- what is in the freezer

Qué hay en el lavaplatos – what is in a dishwasher

Qué usas para preparar la comida – what do you use prepare food with

Qué hay en la sala de estar – what is in the living room

Qué hay en el baño – what is in the bathroom

Qué hay en el cuarto – what is in the bedroom

Qué hay en el garaje – what is in the garage

Qué herramientos hay en una casa – what tools are in a house

Cuáles quehaceres haces – what chores do you do

Spanish 1

1. Finish all word search puzzles then make three sentences from the vocabulary on each puzzle and turn in for a grade. Include your name, period and date



Go to Quizalize to play ACT and SAT prep games. Use class code jwj9655

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Go to the Conversation Chart to see a list of guided questions and responses in Spanish

lunes 19/2/2018 Spanish Lessons

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