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lunes 12/2/2018 Spanish Lessons

lunes 12/2/2018  


Spanish 2

1. Go to Spanish House and Chores Vocabulary to see a list of words and phrases in Spanish then write a dialog with a partner. 

2. Go to Quizlet to practice house vocabulary terms in Spanish then complete the word search handout.

3. In partners write a dialog in Spanish describing the rooms in your house. Be ready to say aloud for the class without your paper. 

4.  Feb 12 is Independence Day for Chile. Go to Chile to see places to visit then write in your journal about famous places to visit.  


Spanish 1

1Go to Spanish Conversation Questions to work on your student interview with a partner. 

2. WB CD 1 Track 11- 14 audio 

3. Click on Georgia Spanish Salsarific to watch a video clip then discuss with the class.


Go to Quizalize to play ACT and SAT prep games. Use class code jwj9655

subjects you are studying


Go to the Conversation Chart to see a list of guided questions and responses in Spanish

lunes 12/2/2018 Spanish Lessons

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