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lunes 29/1/2018 Spanish Lessons

lunes 29/1/2018  


Spanish 2

1. In pairs make a dialog telling what you did this weekend and what you are going to do today. See image above on the past (preterite) -vs- the near future. Also see the two documents below for words and phrases in both tenses. 

*Go to Near Future Conversation Chart  for a list of verbs to use in the near future with ‘voy a____’

*Go to Spanish Preterite Conversation Chart for a list of verbs in the past. 

Spanish 1

1Go to Regular Present Tense Verb Conjugations to finish the worksheet on present tense regular verbs in Spanish then turn your work in for a grade. 

2. Click on Georgia Spanish Salsarific to watch a video clip then discuss with the class.


Go to Quizalize to play ACT and SAT prep games. Use class code jwj9655


lunes 29/1/2018 Spanish Lessons

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