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viernes 22/12/2017 Spanish Lessons

viernes  22/12/17


Spanish 1 and 2

1.  Go to Spanish Christmas Terms to study vocabulary for a quiz. For a print Spanish Christmas Word Scramble go to Spanish Christmas Word Scramble.

2. Go to Spanish Christmas Cards to see a list of phrases to put in a card then make cards for your friends and family in Spanish. Do do a web search in google Spain do the following

a. Go to

b. In the search bar type in ‘tarjetas de Navidad’ then hit ‘enter’

c. click on imágines

3. Go to Spanish Christmas Stories to read an excerpt from each story then write a brief summary of the main character in each story in Spanish. 

4. Go to Radio Viva La Navidad to listen to Spanish Christmas songs then write on your own paper words (in Spanish) that you understand.


Go to Quizalize to play ACT and SAT prep games. Use class code jwj9655


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