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jueves 21/12/2017 Spanish Lessons

jueves  21/12/17


Spanish 1 and 2

1.  Go to Spanish Christmas Terms to study vocabulary for a quiz. For a print Spanish Christmas Word Scramble go to Spanish Christmas Word Scramble.

2. Go to the following sites to answer these questions on your own paper

a. Las Posadas Tradición de Navidad    Mama Lisa Las Posadas  and Pedir Posadas

What is under the Christmas tree in Mexico? What is placed under the tree at midnight? What do some house holds fix for dinner on Christmas Eve? What do the families do each year on this night in Mexico? See Christmas Eve in Mexico for more information.

b. Las Hogueras Fire Jumping 

What does it mean ‘las hogueras’? When does it take place? What do the people do during this time and why? 


Supplemental Skit: Primer Navidad

3.  On your paper write your answers to the puzzle below. 



Las Posadas from St. Louis Review on Vimeo.


Go to Quizalize to play ACT and SAT prep games. Use class code jwj9655


jueves 21/12/2017 Spanish Lessons

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