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miércoles 20/12/2017 Spanish Lessons

miércoles  20/12/17


Spanish 1 and 2

1.  Go to Spanish Christmas Terms to study vocabulary for a quiz. For a print Spanish Christmas Word Scramble go to Spanish Christmas Word Scramble.

2. Go to the sites to answer these questions on your own paper

a. Romantic Turrón Story and Turrón Traditional Sweet

When did Turrón come to Spain? What are the main ingredients of Turrón? Who were the Moors and why were they in Spain? For how long? What is the story of the snow and planting almond trees?


b. Cultural Notes about the Lottery   Christmas Lottery in Spain and El Gordo

Where is El Gordo played? How many people can play? What town did all but one residents win? How many hours does the game take place? What do the people do during the drawings?

3.  Go to 12 Days of Christmas to see traditions of countries around the world then add a culture note to your culture book. 

4. Go to Spanish Christmas Stories to read an excerpt from each story then write a brief summary of the main character in each story in Spanish. 

5. Go to Navidad Latina Radio to hear a Christmas emission then write down 15 Spanish words on your paper that you recognize.




Go to Quizalize to play ACT and SAT prep games. Use class code jwj9655


miércoles 20/12/2017 Spanish Lessons

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