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viernes 15/12/2017

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Spanish 2

*Click on the wreath above to hear audio and see lyrics of songs in other languages. 

1. Make-up work: Go to your grades to see what dialogs you are missing then be ready to do aloud today for a grade. 

2. Go to Spanish Christmas Terms to see cultural notes at the bottom of the document then write in your journal about a Spanish Christmas. 

Answer the questions below

a. What is Misa de Gallo and why is it important?

b. What is Día de los Santos Inocentes and how is it celebrated?

c. What is Noche de Reyes and what happens during this time?

d. What is Día de Reyes and how is this celebrated?

e. Name three traditional Spanish Vacaciones?

3. Go to Spanish Christmas Songs to see lyrics for traditional Villancicos then do a search to find out the origin of the songs.  

4. Nativity Scene: Go to Prima Navidad to see a skit of the first Christmas in Spanish. You may prepare this to present to the class.

5. Click on Spanish Christmas to learn more about the holiday celebrations in Spanish speaking countries then compare and contrast our traditions with those of the Spanish world. 

6. See the Spanish Christmas links below to find recipes, skits, activities and traditions.

Ideas for Spanish Christmas Skits  Bilingual Mexican Posadas Song  Chart Mexican Posada Song More on Posadas Celebration and Crafts

Spanish 1

1. Go to Spanish Christmas Terms to see Christmas related words and phrases then make a picture book telling about a Spanish Christmas.

2. Go to Spanish Christmas Songs to see lyrics for traditional Spanish Villancicos then be ready to sing with the class. 


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viernes 15/12/2017

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