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jueves 7/12/2017 Spanish Lesson

jueves  7/12/17


Spanish 2

1.  Choose one of the following to do with a partner

Option A: Go to Spanish Christmas Terms to see Christmas related words and phrases then write a dialog in Spanish titled “Decorating for Christmas”. Include what you decorate on the tree, outside, on tables, shelves and anything else you do. 

Option B: Go to Easy Christmas Poems in English to get some ideas on what you may want to write then go to  Spanish Christmas Terms to make a list of Christmas related words and phrases in Spanish  to use in a bilingual Spanish English poem. 

Option C: Find a traditional Christmas song, poem or story then rewrite a bilingual Spanish English version.

MULTILINGUAL RHYMING DICTIONARY: For rhyming words go to Multilingual Rhyming Dictionary Alcor to help you with your poem. When you have finished, be ready to rap in Spanish!    

2. Go to Spanish Christmas Songs to see lyrics for traditional Spanish Villancicos then be ready to sing with the class. 

Audio Noche de Paz   Audio for Ya Viene el Niñito  Audio for Alepún   Audio to Navidad Navidad

Audio Venid Fieles Todos

Lyrics to Dime niño de quién eres    Audio for Dime niño de quién eres

3. Go to Prima Navidad to see a skit of the first Christmas in Spanish. You may prepare this to present to the class.

Spanish Audio for Christmas Songs

  A Belen Pastores      Arre Borriquito    El Chiquirritín   Burrito de Belen  La Murga   

Amarga Navidad   Canción de Navidad   Blanca Navidad    Ya Llego la Navidad   Mi Regalo Favorito  

3. Click on Spanish Christmas to learn more about the holiday celebrations in Spanish speaking countries then compare and contrast some of our traditions with those of the Spanish world. 

Spanish 1

Go to Spanish 2 activities above and wait for directions


Go to Quizalize to play ACT and SAT prep games. Use class code jwj9655


jueves 7/12/2017 Spanish Lesson

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