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miércoles 29/11/2017 Spanish Lessons

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Spanish 2

1. Go to Subject Verb Infinitive to review the document with the Subject + Verb + Infinitive assignment. Write the Spanish sentences on your paper skipping a line. Then do the following

a. be ready underline the subject once, underline the conjugated verb twice and circle the infinitive.

b. translate the sentences into English.

2. DUE: Oral Dialog for a grade today. Go to Spanish Department Store to review shopping vocabulary then continue saying your dialog aloud with your partner in Spanish and without your paper.

3. Go to Spanish Pharmacy and Medical Vocabulary to see a list of related words and phrases in Spanish then make a dialog with a partner ‘at the pharmacy’. 

4. Spanish Only: Last ten minutes of class FOR A GRADE. Once the timer begins you may not use any English in the class. If you have a question about how to say something you may say ‘Cómo se dice _____ en español.

Spanish 1

1. Go to Conversation Starters to see a list of Spanish and English phrases then write a dialog with a partner telling about you. Include: your name, age, characteristics, where you live, what you like to do, about your family and anything else you want to share. 

2. Reading skills from text pp 56 – 7

3. Vocabulary List: pelo, rubio, pelirrojo, rubio, castaño, joven, vieja, simpático, desorganizada, perezoso, bonito, guapo, malo, la mujer, el hombre, pequeño, grande

4. Go to Regular Present Tense Verb Conjugations to see the carts and sentences on conjugating present tense regular verbs in Spanish. 

5. Click on Georgia Spanish Salsarific to watch a video clip then discuss with the class.



Go to Quizalize to play ACT and SAT prep games. Use class code jwj9655



miércoles 29/11/2017 Spanish Lessons

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