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viernes 27/10/17 Spanish Lessons


viernes 27/10/17


Spanish 2

1. Click on Audio Passage to listen to the dialog then on your paper what you understand.  

2. Textbook: Audio 1:28, Chart pp 44 #15 

3. Click on 100 Infinitives List to make five sentences in Spanish using infinitives that you do not know. Look up verb conjugations on Wordreference Spanish Conjugations

4. Go to Quizalize to take the 100 Spanish Infinitives Quiz. Continue playing until you reach a high score. Highest scores will be recorded. 

5. Interactive Text: Click on Classzone to listen to Spanish audio with the class.  

1 Period mmj2358
2nd Period fzu7899
3rd Period  urq2987
5th Period  eku2595
6th Period bdw8425
AA  jwj9655

Spanish 1

1.  Quiz Text pp 23

2. Listening practice from CD. Complete the comprehension activities with the class. 

3. Click on Georgia Spanish Salsarific to watch a video clip then discuss with the class.

4. Quiz Monday: Retake vocabulary textbook pp 23

viernes 27/10/17 Spanish Lessons

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