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martes 24/10/17 Spanish Lessons

martes 24/10/17


Spanish 2

1.  Textbook: Audio from CD

2. Click on Irregular Verbs to continue working on irregular verb conjugations in Spanish. Write the Spanish sentences on your own paper, underlining your answer. Then translate the sentences into English. You may look up verbs under Word Reference Spanish Conjugations

3. Vocabulary: Workbook pp 51 1 -3 (school)

4. Reading: Workbook pp 65

5. Click on the video below to watch the news clip then write a summary of the clip on your own paper in English. 


1 Period mmj2358
2nd Period fzu7899
3rd Period  urq2987
5th Period  eku2595
6th Period bdw8425
AA                                   jwj9655


Spanish 1

1.  Quiz from workbook vocab pp 16. 

2.  Dialog practice from handout

3. Listening practice from CD

4. Click on Georgia Spanish Salsarific to watch a video clip then discuss with the class.

5. Quiz tomorrow: Continue WB pp 16 vocabulary


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