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lunes 16/10/17 Spanish Lessons

lunes 16/10/17


Spanish 2

Try Quizalize

1. Vocabulary: Workbook 73, #1 – 3

2.Click on School Vocabulary to make ten sentences in Spanish telling where things are in the classroom using prepositions. See vocabulary below.

3. Click on Prepositions Interactive to choose an activity for preposition practice. Know these words tomorrow for a quiz.

4. Click on the audio file below to listen and repeat the preposition vocabulary.

Listen and repeat

Spanish 1

1.  Reading: Text pg 32-3. Complete pp 34 # 1- 2

2. Vocabulary: Click on Spanish 1 Preliminary to review vocabulary.

3. Grammar: Continue working in workbook pg 4-6 # 1 -2.


lunes 16/10/17 Spanish Lessons

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