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miércoles 11/10/17 Spanish lessons

miércoles 11/10/17


Spanish 2:

1. Reading Skills: Various

2. Vocabulary: Workbook 198 #1 and 2

3. Grammar: Workbook 201 #1

4. Click on Backyard and Nature Vocabulary then make eight sentences in Spanish naming items in the countryside. See image below

Play: Spanish Camping Wordsearch

Kahoot: Outdoors

Spanish 1: 

1.  Reading: Text pg 32-3. Complete pp 34 # 1- 2

2. Vocabulary: Click on Spanish 1 Preliminary to review column 2 (activities) for your quiz. After your quiz go over the vocabulary in column 3 and study for tomorrow’s quiz.

Know: también, más, ayer, mañana, antes, después…

3. Grammar: Workbook pg 4 # 1 -2


Irregular Present Tense Verbs

Preterite and Imperfect Past

Regular Present Tense Verbs

Master Vocabulary List

School Related Vocabulary



miércoles 11/10/17 Spanish lessons

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