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lunes 2/10/17 Spanish Lessons

lunes 2/10/17


1. Click on House to see a list of vocabulary of items in a house then draw (in your journal) items in a kitchen. When when you have finished write a paragraph in your journal in Spanish naming items in a kitchen. 


Hay – there is/are

Hay helado en el congelador

There is ice cream in the freezer

Hay tazas en el armario

There are cups in the cupboard

2. Review:

Spanish 1 Preliminary

Regular Present Tense Verbs

Master Vocabulary List


Word Reference Verb Conjugator

Leisure Vocabulary

Daily Routine

4. Click on the video below to see a clip of a house in Spain then write in Spanish ten new words you learned. 

lunes 2/10/17 Spanish Lessons

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