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viernes 29/9/17 Spanish Lessons

viernes 29/9/17


1. Click on Leisure Vocabulary to see a list of activities then make seven sentences in Spanish telling things your family and you can (or cannot) do using the verb ‘poder‘. 


Yo puedo tocar la guitarra  

I can play the guitar

Mi hermano puede cantar 

My brother can sing

2. In your class folder write a paragraph of five or more sentences for each of the following in Spanish

a. what you did last weekend

b. what you are going to do this weekend

3. Review:

Spanish 1 Preliminary

Regular Present Tense Verbs

Master Vocabulary List


Word Reference Verb Conjugator

Leisure Vocabulary

Daily Routine

4. Click on the video below to see Patagonia ski in Argentina. 

PATAGONIA SKI TOURS from Juan Pennisi on Vimeo.

viernes 29/9/17 Spanish Lessons

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