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jueves 28/9/17 Spanish Lessons

jueves 28/9/17


1. Click on House and Chores vocabulary then make ten sentences in Spanish from the ‘chores’ column telling what you and your family have to do using ‘debo‘ or ‘I have to


Yo debo limpiar la mesa después de cenar

I have to clean the table after dinner

Mi hermano debe cortar el césped cada semana

My brother has to cut the grass every week 

2. Review:

Spanish 1 Preliminary

Regular Present Tense Verbs

Master Vocabulary List


Word Reference Verb Conjugator

Leisure Vocabulary

Daily Routine

3. Click on the video below to see some of the scenery of Chile. Then write in your journal three things you found interesting about Chile, two things you would like to know more about and a question you have. You may want to do a web search on the Moai (Easter Island) and of the coasts and mountain range (ski slopes) of Chile. 


The Colors of Chile from Pete R. on Vimeo.

jueves 28/9/17 Spanish Lessons

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