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martes 26/9/17

martes 26/9/17


1. Oral: Tell three things you did yesterday in Spanish using the preterite. After the bell you are no longer permitted to speak in English. You will have twelve minutes to complete this activity. 

2. Oral: Tell three things you want to do this weekend in Spanish. Again, no English after the bell. If you  have a question you may use the phrase

Cómo se dice ______ en español = How do you say ______ in Spanish 

3.  Vocabulary study. Click on the Master Vocabulary List below then go column 4 and wait for instructions. 


Regular Present Tense Verbs

Master Vocabulary List


Word Reference Verb Conjugator

Leisure Vocabulary

Daily Routine    

4. Click on the video below to learn more about leisure vocabulary. Make a list of the words and sounds that you hear.  

martes 26/9/17

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