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Day: September 18, 2017

lunes 18/917 Spanish lessons

lunes 18/9/17


1. Take out your sentences from last week on  Food Adjectives to do orally in the class. Wait for instructions. 

2. Click on Daily Routine to see a list of vocabulary (reflexives and other verbs) in Spanish then write your daily routine in your journal in Spanish. Include what time you get up, what you do to get ready, what you eat for breakfast, what time you go to school, what classes you take, whom you see, what you eat for lunch, what you do after school and what you do to get ready for bed. 

3. Review Wordreference Verb Conjugator to look up reflexive and other verbs in Spanish. 

4. Click on the video to learn more about Mexican markets then write in your journal in English three things you learned, two things you found interesting, and one question you have.

Xochimilco Market, Mexico City from DocNO Productions on Vimeo.

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