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jueves 14/9/17 Spanish Lessons

jueves 14/9/17



Spanish 1: Make a bingo grid then choose Spanish words from Master Spanish Vocabulary Lists to put into your bingo grid. Have one student (or substitute) call out the words in English while you mark off the Spanish vocabulary words on your paper. Make a 5 X 5 grid. Middle space is ‘gratis’. 

Spanish 2: You may either play bingo (see above directions) OR follow your regular assignments below. 

a. Finish yesterday’s writing assignment on writing ten sentences in Spanish using food adjectives. Click on Food and Cooking Terms for the food adjectives vocabulary list. 

b. Make a sentence for each of the following verbs in the present tense in Spanish querer, poder and servir. Then go back and write your sentences in the past (pretérito). Click on Online Conjugator to look up your verbs.

c. Click on the video below to see how to prepare an authentic Colombian Chicken dish then write your cooking notes to your journal using cooking terms in both English and Spanish.

d. When you have finished go to Master Spanish Vocabulary Lists to practice vocabulary. You may make a bingo grid by writing the words on your paper in Spanish and having a student, or substitute, call out the words in English. Make a 5 X 5 grid. Middle space is ‘gratis’. 

jueves 14/9/17 Spanish Lessons

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