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miércoles 13/9/17 Spanish lessons

miércoles 13/9/17


1. Finish yesterday’s sentences. Go to Cooking Terms to see the list of verbs from the Cooking Terms column then finish making ten sentences in Spanish and English. Be sure to conjugate your verbs. Go to Spanish Verb Conjugator to look up your verbs. See examples below. 

cortar añadir hervir
yo corto las cebollas     yo añado las gambas     yo hiervo el agua

2. Go to Food and Cooking Terms to see a list of words and phrases related to food preparation then make ten sentences in your journal in Spanish from the column labeled ‘Food Adjectives’. Click on Spanish Verb Conjugator to look up your verbs. 

3. Click on the video below to see how to prepare an authentic Spanish flan then write your cooking notes to your journal using cooking terms in both English and  Spanish.

El flan de huevo de Marín from verycocinar on Vimeo.

Spanish 1 Review: Click on Spanish Vocabulary Review to go over need to know words and phrases in Spanish then make a 5 X 5 bingo grid and write words in the spaces in English. 

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