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martes 12/9/2017 lessons

martes 12/9/17


1. Reading: Workbook pg 185. Read the passage with the class then complete the writing assignment in your workbook.

2. Click on the video link below to see an authentic Spanish recipe for garlic shrimp then write in your journal how to prepare this dish. Include ingredients and instructions in both Spanish and English. 

Video for Gambas al ajillo (Garlic Shrimp)

3. Click on the flashcards below to learn practice Spanish restaurant terms. Be ready for a quiz.

4. Click on Food Related Terms to see a list of food vocabulary in Spanish then choose ten words from the column labeled ‘Cooking Terms’ and make sentences on your own paper in Spanish.

Spanish 1 Review: Click on Vocabulary Review to go over words in Spanish then make a bingo grid on your paper for practice. 

martes 12/9/2017 lessons

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