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lunes 11/9/17 Spanish lessons

lunes 11/9/17


1. Reading review: Go to text book pg 218-19 to read and translate on your own paper.

2. On your own paper write down the list of ingredients in Spanish and English that go into this paella recipe. Be sure to make the conversion by going to Converter then write in Spanish and English simple instructions on how to prepare. See vocabulary below

Spanish English
600 g arroz
400 g carne de pollo
300 g carne de cerdo
250 g de gambas
200 g de mejillones
250 g de mezcla de judías verdes o guisantes
1 sepia pequeña
1 lata de tomate
1 pimiento rojo
½ cebolla
1 cucharada de pimentón dulce
1/3 cucharada de azafrán
1 diente de ajo
aceite de oliva viren

3. Click on the flash cards below to practice Spanish restaurant terms for a quiz. 

4. Click on the video below to see an authentic Spanish paella cooking show. Follow the directions closely then write in your journal in English how to prepare the traditional Valencian dish. 

5. Click on Food Related Vocabulary to see a list of food and cooking terms then make ten sentences in Spanish on your own paper from the column labeled ‘Cooking Terms’. 


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