viernes 29/9/17 Spanish Lessons

viernes 29/9/17 TO DO 1. Click on Leisure Vocabulary to see a list of activities then make seven sentences in Spanish telling things … More

jueves 28/9/17 Spanish Lessons

jueves 28/9/17 TO DO 1. Click on House and Chores vocabulary then make ten sentences in Spanish from the ‘chores’ column telling … More

martes 26/9/17

martes 26/9/17 TO DO 1. Oral: Tell three things you did yesterday in Spanish using the preterite. After the bell you are … More

lunes 25/9/17 Spanish Lessons

lunes 25/9/17 TO DO 1. Oral: Tell what you did this weekend using the preterite. Click on the Preterite to see a list of … More

viernes 22/9/17 Spanish Lessons

viernes 22/9/17 TO DO 1. Reading: Watch vowels and accents. Wait for instructions. 2. Click on Leisure Vocabulary then make eight sentences using … More