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Spanish: Week of August 21

martes: 22/8/17


1.  Click on the links to listen to audio phrases then look at the images and write about you. When you have finished go to voice memo on your phone and make a recording of you then upload into your Edmodo Spanish class account. 

soy listo image
¿Cómo eres tú?
image me gusta
¿Qué te gusta comer?
gustar book image
¿Qué te gusta hacer?

2. Go to to join our Spanish class.  See the access code on the board. 

3. Click on the flash cards below to practice Spanish descriptive vocabulary. 

miercoles: 23/8/17


  1. Use the image below to write in Spanish what you like to do then record yourself and upload into your Edmodo class account. You may use a dictionary to find new words and phrases. You may also ask your instructor for help. 
Me gusta time and action chart
2. Get with a partner to make up a dialog telling about your likes and dislikes. When you have finished record your dialogs then upload on Edmodo. See the model below. You may also use a dictionary to find other phrases and ask for help.
 More Phrases:

blog gustar list

jueves: 24/8/17


1. Go to your text book to pages 194-5 to read and translate A-E on you own paper. Click on Vocabulary to see a list of words and phrases from the text book. 

2. Click on the slide below to learn more about Tener phrases then, on your own paper,with a partner, answer 10 questions in the slide.


viernes 25/8/17


1. Go to your text book to page 197 to read and translate on you own paper then get with a partner and practice the dialog. Click on Vocabulary to see a list of words and phrases for the passage. 

2.  Look at the image below to make sentences using clothing and color vocabulary. Be ready to answer the questions in Spanish.

blog colors clothing

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