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French Numbers

100   cent
101   cent un
125   cent vingt-cinq

200   deux cents
201   deux cent un
243   deux cent quarante-trois

1,000+ are also similar to English, but there are a few things to note:

  • The separator is a period or space, rather than a comma
  • Mille never takes an s, but million and milliard do
  • When reciting a long number, you can pause to take a breath at the separator (after mille,million, or milliard)
  • When million and milliard are followed by a noun, you need de in between: un million de dollars – a million dollars

1,000   mille – 1 000 or 1.000
2,000   deux mille – 2 000 or 2.000
2,500   deux mille cinq cents – 2 500 or 2.500

French Numbers

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